Phospholipids Update

We have now updated our PHOSPHOLIPIDS assortment. Larodan offers both natural and synthetic phospholipids with high purity in mg up to kg scale. All products come with a certificate of analysis and we guarantee a purity of above 98% for synthetic products and above 96% … Continued

Euro Fed Lipids – thanks for jogging

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, Aug. 27-30, 2017 in Uppsala. We would like to especially thank everyone who participated in our morning jog.  

Welcome to our updated web shop

We have now completed the update of our web shop. In the web shop you can search and order all our lipid products. You can also choose contact us and place your orders via email, should you wish.

Technical sales and marketing coordinator

We are now looking for a technical sales and marketing coordinator to interact with our international customers. You will be involved in everything from marketing our products to ordering goods from our suppliers. You may have a background in some … Continued

Synthesis chemist

We are now looking for a qualified synthesis chemist to our team, to manufacture our existing products and develop new ones. You may have your background in product development or chemical manufacture. You may have experience from the synthesis of … Continued